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Can Uniplus TIJ 2.5 Ink Cartridges Work with TIJ Inkjet Printer Manufacturers' Machines?

Finding a reliable TIJ 2.5 ink cartridge manufacturer is a critical challenge for many TIJ inkjet printer manufacturers. Uniplus is here to provide answers to the questions about the compatibility and collaboration that many inkjet printer manufacturers concerned.

As a manufacturer of TIJ inkjet printers, can we use Uniplus compatible TIJ 2.5 industrial ink cartridges on our machines?

If your printing machine is unencrypted, you can directly use Uniplus compatible TIJ ink cartridges as printing consumables. For machines designed with encryption features, Uniplus cartridges can also be sold as printing consumables for your inkjet printers after attaching a corresponding chip to the cartridge.

How can we tell if the TIJ 2.5 ink cartridges we are currently using have an encrypted chip?

For industrial printer manufacturers who have sourced thermal ink cartridges directly from the TIJ 2.5 ink cartridge manufacturer, you can preliminarily identify ink cartridges based on the appearance. You can compare the look of encrypted ink cartridges with non-encrypted ones through the images below to check if the ink cartridges you are using contain an encrypted chip. By adding the encryption chip that is corresponding to your machine, Uniplus ink cartridges can also be used in your encrypted inkjet printer.

How to identify encrypted ink cartridges

Uniplus supplies high quality new TIJ 2.5 ink cartridges in a variety of colors and inks to meet the needs of TIJ printer manufacturers. Please feel free to see more details about our cartridges on the “Industrial Inkjets” page, or contact us through the "Contact Us" form on our website to discuss details of a partnership.

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