Uniplus supplies water-based and solvent-based industrial TIJ ink cartridges and Continuous Ink Supply System cartridges.

Inyección de tinta industrial

Uniplus provides brand new TIJ 2.5 ink cartridges, covering empty cartridges, water-based, and solvent-based ink cartridges

Selección de productos:

TIJ 2.5 industrial multi-purpose printing solution: brand new high-quality TIJ 2.5 ink cartridges, including empty cartridges, water-based cartridges, and solvent thermal inkjet cartridges, suitable for porous and non-porous substrates, compatible with HP 45, 2580, 2590, 2531, 45A, 2520, Compatible with 2510, 1918 and other models.

TIJ 2.5 industrial printing solution can be used with inkjet printers to print on a variety of materials

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