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Uniplus compatible brand new black solvent ink cartridges are affordable, widely used, and can be used in various printers. Welcome to inquire for more advantages.

UP45 Black Solvent Ink Cartridge



Modelo #

UP-S45WK10 UP-S45WK07 UP-S45WK11 UP-S45PK10 UP-S45PK07 UP-S45PK11 for HP 2580 ( B3F58A ) ( B3F58B ) / HP 2590 ( W3T10B )

Sustratos de aplicación

Porous surface (absorbable material) and non-porous surface (non-absorbable material): plastic (including PET, PP, PVC, PS Styrofoam, PO, nylon, PC, acrylic), plastic film (OPP film), foam Shells, aluminum foil, coated glossy paper, steel, aluminum, wood, glass, leather, some synthetic materials.

Tipo de tinta

Solvent Based Ink

Detalles del producto

Black solvent-based Uniplus ink cartridges for TIJ inkjet printers

Uniplus TIJ solvent ink cartridge improves your printing efficiency! Our ink cartridges are designed for professionals who pursue excellent print quality and user-friendliness. No matter what industry you are printing in, Uniplus can provide you with an excellent solution.

What is solvent ink?

Solvent-based ink uses solvent as the ink base, so it is water-resistant, anti-fading, and highly durable. In addition to porous surfaces (absorbable materials), it can also be printed on non-porous surfaces (non-absorbable materials). It is an ink that can be used in multiple applications.

Advantages of Uniplus solvent ink

  • Fast Dry
  • Long Decap Time
  • Excellent adhesion
  • 100% compatible
  • 100% brand new ink cartridge
  • Rub Resistance
  • Excellent Sharpness
  • Excellent Barcode Readability

Fast Dry

The quick-drying ink used in Uniplus solvent ink cartridges means that it can dry in a short time during the printing process. Therefore, for printing tasks such as online printing machines equipped with assembly lines or conveyor belts, high-quality printing can be achieved quickly. Quality printing results.

Long Decap Time

The decap time refers to the time the nozzle is exposed to the air after the ink cartridge is opened. The cold, dry, and rough working environment brings a big challenge to the decap time of the ink cartridge. Therefore, Uniplus will provide the corresponding ink type after understanding the user's geographical conditions to increase the efficiency of the printing task. Flexibility.

Excellent adhesion

The principle of solvent ink is to print on porous and non-porous materials in an adhesive manner. Therefore, the adhesion produced by each brand's solvent ink formula affects the range and shape of materials that can be printed. Among them, Uniplus solvent ink with excellent adhesion can be printed on curved shapes, concave areas and irregular-shaped substrates that are difficult to print, such as flexible packaging commonly used in various industries.

100% compatible

In the printer market, in addition to original partners, there are also printers provided by other companies. Some printers do not use encryption chips, so our ink cartridges will work fine on these models. If you are using an encryption model with a chip, please inform us of the brand of the machine and we will be happy to assist you in testing the compatibility of the ink cartridges. No matter which type of printer you have, Uniplus is committed to providing the best ink cartridge solutions to achieve your goals.

100% brand new ink cartridge

The integrity of the ink cartridge is also an important part of the printing results. Uniplus insists on providing 100% new solvent ink cartridges to improve printing performance and reduce the incidence of failures. Uniplus has the professional ability to design nozzles, so the performance of the product is comparable to the original half-inch nozzle ink cartridge, and at a more economical price, it provides handheld inkjet printers and online inkjet printers with printing heights from 1mm to 12.7mm. The best printing solution.

Rub Resistance

In industrial printing applications, sometimes the printed substrate is subject to intentional or unintentional rub. After a period of time, the originally printed context will begin to fade. Choose Uniplus solvent ink cartridges to ensure that the printed content is intact.

Excellent Sharpness

Uniplus ink cartridges enable high-quality, clear printing on a variety of materials, and crisp text helps achieve their marking goals. For users who need to print on metal parts or print complex logos or patterns on products, Uniplus's high-quality solvent ink cartridges can easily meet their needs.

Excellent Barcode Readability

The reason why TIJ ink cartridges are reused in the industry is that in addition to the fact that users can easily replace the ink cartridges, they can also print QR codes or high-resolution characters. In the field of product coding and marking, content with high definition can be printed. DPI (dots per inch) is very important, especially when we need machines to scan barcodes and QR codes. The clarity of the printed content affects the accuracy of scanning the code. speed. The use of Uniplus ink cartridges that support 600dpi ensures fast reading of prints and improves management efficiency and accuracy.

Color options available with Uniplus solvent ink

Black, blue, red, yellow, green, invisible blue, invisible red, food grade magenta, food grade cyan and food grade purple. If you have other color requirements, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with the most suitable ink cartridge selection.

 Uniplus is your trusted ink cartridge manufacturing expert. Not only do we provide professional printhead designs and ink types that best meet your needs, we also provide you with a variety of delivery options. If you have any questions about ink cartridges or ink selection, feel free to contact our online customer service team. We not only guarantee printing quality, but also provide affordable prices and a professional ordering experience. Please feel free to choose Uniplus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Solvent-Based Uniplus Ink Cartridges

Q1. Are the black solvent-based UP 45 ink cartridges permanent and not easily wiped off?

TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) solvent ink can generally be regarded as a permanent ink.

This is because solvent inks work by allowing the color to penetrate, or adhere to, the substrate. Therefore, after the solvent components evaporate, the color can be permanently combined with the base material, which is suitable for buyers who require weather resistance. However, in a few cases, alcohol may erase the printed content of solvent ink (depending on the conditions, there are test results that are not affected by alcohol, and some will be completely wiped off by alcohol), so it is recommended that you keep the printed items properly. .

Q2. Are solvent-based Uniplus 45 ink cartridges waterproof?

Yes, solvent inks are waterproof. Because the solvent ink contains a waterproof oily carrier, the printed content will not fade easily even if the weather changes. The following is a video of the waterproofness test of our solvent Uniplus ink cartridge.

Q3. Is there anything I need to pay attention to when using solvent-based Uniplus ink cartridges?

(1) Storage environment: The recommended storage environment for ink cartridges should avoid direct sunlight or be full of dust. The temperature should be between 15 degrees and 35 degrees. Do not place it upside down for a long time. The above storage conditions may affect the printing effect. ;

(2) Keep away from children: the ink cartridge is not edible and should be placed in a place where children cannot easily access it;

(3) Avoid contact: Please avoid contact between ink and skin and eyes. If you come into contact accidentally, please wash it with water as soon as possible. If you have any discomfort, please seek medical treatment immediately;

(4) Regular use: If there is no current need to use the ink cartridge for printing, please put it back in the protective clip (Clip) to prevent the nozzle from being exposed for too long and affecting the printing effect; after the ink cartridge is opened, it must be used within six months. Completed. Even if there is no need for printing in a short period of time, the printing should be tested regularly (about once every two weeks) to extend the life cycle of the ink cartridge.

Q4. If I currently use the ink cartridge of HP 2580 (B3F58A) (B3F58B), HP 2590 (W3T10B), Meenjet JS10, Meenjet JS12, Meenjet JS21, Meenjet JS31, Meenjet JS51, Meenjet, Meenjet JS61, Meenjet JS71, General Can Uniplus' solvent-compatible ink cartridges also be used with ink cartridges from other brands such as IQ800 and General IQ880?

If you are using an ink cartridge with an original encryption chip, you can discuss it with us;

If you are using a non-encrypted inkjet printer, please mention it in the inquiry form and we will arrange the most suitable ink cartridge for you.

We hope these answers are helpful and if you require further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Uniplus ink cartridges are ready to provide you with an excellent printing experience!

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