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Uniplus brand-new compatible solvent-based invisible red ink cartridge that reveals printed content under UV light. Affordable pricing, wide applications, and compatibility with various TIJ inkjet printers. Please feel free to inquiry for more advantages.

UP45 Solvent Invisible Red Ink Cartridge



Modelo #

UP-S45WVR UP-S45PVR, for UP45 solvent invisible red ink cartridge

Sustratos de aplicación

Porous surface (absorbable material) and non-porous surface (non-absorbable material): plastic (including PET, PP, PVC, PS, PO, nylon, PC, acrylic), plastic film (OPP film), foam aluminum foil, coated glossy paper, steel, aluminum, wood, glass, leather, and some synthetic materials.

Tipo de tinta

Solvent-Based UV Fluorescent Ink

Detalles del producto

Compatible Solvent-Based Invisible Red Uniplus Ink Cartridge for TIJ Inkjet Printers

Uniplus TIJ Solvent-Based Invisible Ink is a UV fluorescent ink that aids in tracing and verifying products when exposed to UV light. Our invisible ink cartridges are specially designed for professionals with high-security requirements. Whether you're in any industry, Uniplus can provide you with a reliable solution.

What is Uniplus Solvent UV Fluorescent Ink?

Solvent-based UV fluorescent ink is a special solvent ink that can be printed on porous (absorbent) and non-porous (non-absorbent) surfaces. The printed content is invisible under normal light but becomes clear when exposed to specific wavelength UV light.

Advantages of Uniplus Solvent-Based Invisible Ink

  • Quick-drying ink content

  • Extended shelf life

  • Excellent adhesion

  • 100% compatibility

  • 100% new ink cartridges

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Clear printing

  • Rapid display under UV light

Applications of Uniplus Solvent-Based Invisible Ink

Important documents and bills: Protect your company's documents, contracts, and bills, ensuring their authenticity and reducing the risk of counterfeit and fraudulent bills.

Product labels: Add invisible product markers to labels on products or hangtags, helping prevent counterfeit goods from circulating in the market and maintaining the company's reputation. Applicable industries include pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, and the retail industry.

By using Uniplus UP 45 invisible ink, you can enhance your defenses against counterfeiting. However, this ink only becomes visible when exposed to UV light, allowing businesses and managers to easily inspect these invisible markers. This invisible ink provides a high level of security for your brand, ensuring efficient verification processes while maintaining the original appearance.

Uniplus Solvent-Based Invisible Ink Color Options

Invisible blue, invisible red.

*Note: Under normal lighting, the content printed with invisible red ink is not visible to the naked eye. It only becomes red under UV light.

If you have other color requirements, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to provide you with the most suitable ink cartridge options.

Uniplus is your trusted ink cartridge manufacturing expert. We not only offer professional printhead designs and the most suitable ink types but also provide various delivery options. If you have any questions about ink cartridges or ink selection, please don't hesitate to contact our online customer service team. We not only guarantee print quality but also offer affordable prices and a professional ordering experience. Choose Uniplus with confidence as your business partner.

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