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Uniplus compatible brand new water-based pigment black ink cartridge. It is affordable and suitable for printing on cartons, eggshells, and wood. It can be used on a variety of printers. Welcome to inquire for more.

UP45 Pigment Ink Cartridge



Modelo #

HP 45A ( B3F38A) ( CG339A ) / HP Fast Dry Black ( C6195A ) ( W3S87A ) / HP Versatile Black ( C8842A ) ( F0L36A ) / HP Durable Black ( CQ849A ) / HP 2510 Black ( F0L95A )

Sustratos de aplicación

Semi-porous and porous surfaces (absorbable materials).

  • Semi-porous materials include some plastics, waxed surfaces, certain types of wall paint, glossy paper, painted wood, latex gloves, some ceramics, etc.
  • Porous materials include egg shells, kraft paper, corrugated paper, wood, uncoated cartons/boards/paper labels or documents, checks, paper towels, untreated wood, and other permeable materials containing fibers.

Tipo de tinta

 Aqueous Pigment.

Detalles del producto

Black water-based pigment Uniplus ink cartridge for TIJ inkjet printers

The Uniplus TIJ black water-based pigment ink cartridge, which is water-repellent and non-fading, not only provides excellent printing quality but also meets intermittent and continuous printing tasks. Whether you need to mark labels or wood, Uniplus has a great solution for you.

What is water-based pigment ink?

Water-based pigment ink is a water-based ink that cleverly combines water-insoluble pigment components. This unique combination allows water-based dye inks to exhibit long-lasting color and scratch resistance after printing, and has a wide range of applications.

Advantages of Uniplus water-based pigment ink

  • Long decap time
  • 100% compatible
  • 100% brand new ink cartridge
  • Clear printing
  • low odor
  • Water repellent

Long decap time

The decap time refers to the time the nozzle is exposed to the air after the ink cartridge is opened. A long decap time can ensure the stability of each printing, which is conducive to stabilizing the production quality of the assembly line.

100% compatible

The most common concern when using non-original ink cartridges is usually compatibility. Some printers do not use encryption chips, so our ink cartridges will work properly on these printer models. In the printer market, in addition to original partners, there are printers provided by other companies. If you are using the above model with an encryption chip, please inform the brand of the machine and we will wholeheartedly assist you in testing. Ink cartridge compatibility. Whether your printer has a chip or not, Uniplus is committed to providing the best printing solutions.

100% brand new ink cartridge

The integrity of the ink cartridge is also an important part of the printing results. Uniplus insists on providing 100% new water-based ink cartridges to improve printing performance and reduce the incidence of failures. Uniplus has the professional ability to design nozzles, so the performance of the product is comparable to the original half-inch nozzle ink cartridge, and at a more economical price, it provides handheld inkjet printers and online inkjet printers with printing heights from 1mm to 12.7mm. Best printing solution

Clear printing

Uniplus water-based pigment ink cartridges can achieve high-quality, clear printing on a variety of porous materials, including uncoated eggshells and paper. This advantage is helpful for companies that print product coding and traceability codes on cartons, because clear text and numbers can reduce the difficulty of scanning codes; in addition, for those companies that need to print complex trademarks or QR codes on products For users, the use of Uniplus ink cartridges that support 600dpi can ensure fast reading of data and improve the efficiency and accuracy of enterprises' inventory and production management.

low odor

Many printing equipment may produce pungent odors during operation. Uniplus's TIJ water-based ink cartridges adopt a low-odor design to protect the health of operators.

Color options provided by Uniplus water-based pigment ink


If you have other color requirements, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with the most appropriate ink cartridge selection.

Uniplus is your trusted ink cartridge manufacturing expert. Not only do we provide professional printhead designs and ink types that best meet your needs, we also provide you with a variety of delivery options. If you have any questions about ink cartridges or ink selection, feel free to contact our online customer service team. We not only guarantee printing quality, but also provide affordable prices and a professional ordering experience. Please feel free to choose Uniplus.

FAQs about black water-based pigment-based Uniplus ink cartridges

Q1 Can pigment ink be used instead of dye ink?

It's common to want to know the difference between dye inks and pigment inks. We’ve got you covered with a column that goes into depth about the pros and cons of both inks so you can make your choice more clearly.

If you are currently using dye ink and are satisfied with the results, Uniplus also provides a variety of water-based dye ink cartridges with rich colors. Click on the link for more information about water-based dye ink cartridges. You can also contact us, we will be happy to provide you with professional advice and quotations to help you make a wise choice. Let’s create a better printing experience together.


Q2. Is there anything I need to pay attention to when using water-based pigment UP 45 ink cartridges?

There are indeed some important considerations to keep in mind when using ink cartridges:

(1) Storage environment: The recommended storage environment for ink cartridges should avoid direct sunlight or be full of dust. The temperature should be between 15 degrees and 35 degrees. Do not place it upside down for a long time. The above storage conditions may affect the printing effect. 

(2) Keep away from children: The ink cartridge is absolutely inedible and should be kept out of the reach of children.

(3) Avoid contact: Avoid ink contact with skin and eyes. In case of accidental contact, flush with water immediately. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

(4) Regular use: If there is no current need to use the ink cartridge for printing, please put it back in the protective clip (Clip) to prevent the nozzle from being exposed for too long and affecting the printing effect; after the ink cartridge is opened, it must be used within six months. Completed. Even if there is no need for printing in a short period of time, the printing should be tested regularly (about once every two weeks) to extend the life cycle of the ink cartridge;

(5) No need to shake: Before using water-based ink, there is usually no need to shake the ink cartridge, you can use it directly.

Q3. If the ink cartridge I am currently using is HP 45A (B3F38A) (CG339A), HP Fast Dry Black (C6195A) (W3S87A), HP Versatile Black (C8842A) (F0L36A), HP Durable Black (CQ849A), HP 2510 Black (F0L95A), Mylan HydraJET@ 2110K and other ink cartridges from other brands, can Uniplus' water-based dye-compatible ink cartridges also be used?

If you are using an ink cartridge with an original encryption chip, you can discuss it with us;

If you are using a non-encrypted inkjet printer, please mention it in the inquiry form and we will arrange the most suitable ink cartridge for you.

No matter your needs, we are focused on providing the best ink solutions. If you have more questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us and our professional team will be happy to assist you.

We hope these answers are helpful to you. If you require further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Uniplus is always committed to providing you with excellent ink cartridges and printing experience!


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