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How to enhance the competitiveness of egg farmers and distributors through Uniplus ink cartridges

Uniplus provides easy-to-change TIJ ink cartridges, which can print clear and non-fading text on eggshells and egg boxes made of various materials. Uniplus is the designated partner of poultry, egg farmers, and egg distributors in many countries on food packaging. Given the different regulations on food safety laws in various countries, Uniplus provides a variety of ink solutions, which can be used to print numbers, characters, and highly readable traceability codes in bright colors on egg sprayers and industrial inkjet printers.

Precise Information Printing, Inside and Out: The All-round Benefits of TIJ Ink Cartridges

Egg selection guide and production traceability under international food safety standards

Many countries will formulate relevant regulations to remind the market how to select eggs for the food safety of their citizens. For example, the United States, the country with the second largest production and consumption of eggs in the world, although it is not mandatory, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that consumers choose to voluntarily go through the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). For eggs certified by USDA shell egg grading, certified companies can mark the USDA grade mark on the outer box. And egg cartons bearing the USDA grade mark on the outside of the TIJ online inkjet printer must display a "packing date," which refers to the date the eggs were washed, graded, and packed into the carton. This date is represented by a three-digit code for a full year, starting on January 1 (001) and ending on December 31 (365). Depending on where it is sold, local state laws may require an expiration date (Sell-By or Expiration (EXP)) and packaging date.

If in the UK, it is recommended that the nationals choose British Lion eggs, whose representatives have passed the British Lion Code of Practice, and the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) recommends that the packaging center use the specified color to print on the eggs, In addition, the TIJ egg spraying machine can also be used to print the producer code required by the government on the eggs to identify and track the information of the laying hen farm, including the number of the way the laying hens are raised, the code of the country of origin, and the number of the breeding site. identifier.

Printing Technology: A Key Tool to Improve Business Operation Efficiency and Marketing Effectiveness

Printing content on product packaging is not only a matter of legal restrictions, but also a key part of business operations and marketing. In addition to complying with the requirements of relevant regulations, many companies also use printing technology to add some key information to improve the efficiency of internal inventory management and provide consumers with more useful information. Common examples are the printing of UPC barcodes and SKU codes. These unique identification codes can not only help companies accurately track the shipment and sale of products, but also speed up the inventory management process and ensure the efficient operation of the supply chain. In addition, printing QR code has also become a part of many corporate marketing strategies. Consumers can easily scan the QR code to get more information about the product, including product features, promotions, usage instructions, etc. This instant messaging not only helps increase product sales, but also enhances consumer trust and recognition of the brand.

TIJ cartridges act as a link between legal requirements and business strategy. Uniplus ink cartridges can not only print text, numbers, barcodes, and two-dimensional codes, but also have their own suitable printing media for each ink type according to different ink formulations. Below we will introduce to you the inks that are popular among egg farmers, packaging centers, And the Uniplus ink cartridge that the dealer has confirmed.

Uniplus TIJ 2.5 ink cartridge type suitable for egg spraying related industries

The different ink cartridge options offered by Uniplus are described below, including various colors and suitable substrates.

In the egg industry, choosing the right ink cartridge is crucial to achieving printing clarity and efficiency. Based on our years of experience in cooperating with customers, the following are our suggestions for printing on eggs and egg cartons:

Water-based dye ink cartridges are the first choice for printing on eggshells with their various colors, such as black, cyan, magenta, yellow, green, true red, and true blue. In particular, magenta and cyan water-based dye ink cartridges are widely used to print important information such as producer code, serial number and best taste date due to their high contrast with white and brown eggshell colors, ensuring clear and long-lasting printing .

Water-based dye ink cartridges and water-based pigment ink cartridges can also print paper egg boxes, pulp egg boxes and corrugated boxes, cartons, and paper egg trays used in farms. Black is often used for printing packaging dates, production dates, expiration dates, Key information such as time stamps and barcodes.

Solvent ink cartridges provide black, blue, red, yellow, green, invisible blue, invisible red, food-grade magenta, food-grade cyan, food-grade purple and other color options. The characteristics of fast drying and application of medium light are solvent ink cartridges suitable for printing eggshells, plastics, etc. Plastic egg containers such as egg cartons, plastic egg cartons, plastic egg trays, and coated paper packaging such as printed corrugated boxes are the key reasons. Many of them choose black solvent ink cartridges to print packaging dates, production dates, and expiration dates.

Or you can refer to the arrangement of the pictures below. We provide corresponding ink cartridge suggestions based on different application materials.

Recommended TIJ Ink Cartridges for Egg Farms and Distributors

An innovative weapon in the printing field, improving brand effect and production efficiency

Industrial inkjet printing has become the first choice for modern printing. Compared with traditional printing, it is more efficient. Whether it is printing format or multi-language, it can be easily realized to meet the needs of the global market. When using egg spray machines and industrial inkjet printers, it is the most efficient solution to use the time-saving and convenient TIJ 2.5 industrial ink cartridges that are easy to replace, and the Uniplus compatible industrial ink cartridges that are suitable for various inkjet printers are even more TIJ The smartest choice among 2.5 industrial ink cartridges, with six advantages, let us have better printing effect compared with our peers:

  • It takes a long time to open the cover, increasing the flexibility of printing tasks;
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate, the printed content can last longer;
  • Brand-new compatible box to improve printing performance;
  • Anti-friction, to ensure that the printed matter is not easy to fade;
  • The printing content is quick-drying, improving production efficiency;
  • Good barcode readability to ensure smooth inventory management process,

Our team can follow your needs, from customized ink formulations to payment and delivery, we provide a variety of solutions to meet the different needs of all partners. If you have any questions about ink selection or other products, please feel free to contact our online professional customer service team. You not only get the guarantee of printing quality, but also enjoy affordable prices and professional ordering experience.

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