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HP 67 and HP 67 XL ink cartridge replacement are compatible with HP DeskJet 2710e / DeskJet 2720e / Envy 6055e / Envy 6455e printers in North America, and Asia Pacific( excluding China, India, and Indonesia ). Customized labels are available for white-label resellers are available.




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HP Deskjet series
HP DeskJet Plus series
HP Envy series
HP Envy Pro series

HP Deskjet 1210 

HP Deskjet 1212 

HP Deskjet 1255 

HP Deskjet 2330 

HP Deskjet 2331 

HP Deskjet 2332 

HP Deskjet 2333

HP Deskjet 2710 

HP Deskjet 2720 

HP Deskjet 2721 

HP Deskjet 2722 

HP Deskjet 2723 

HP Deskjet 2724 

HP Deskjet 2732 

HP Deskjet 2742e 

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HP Deskjet 2752e 

HP Deskjet 2755 

HP Deskjet 2755e

HP DeskJet Plus 4110 

HP DeskJet Plus 4120 

HP DeskJet Plus 4121 

HP DeskJet Plus 4122 

HP DeskJet Plus 4130 

HP DeskJet Plus 4132 

HP DeskJet Plus 4140 

HP DeskJet Plus 4152 

HP DeskJet Plus 4155 

HP DeskJet Plus 4155e 

HP DeskJet Plus 4158

HP Envy 6020 

HP Envy 6022 

HP Envy 6030 

HP Envy 6032 

HP Envy 6052 

HP Envy 6055 

HP Envy 6055e 

HP Envy 6058 

HP Envy 6075 

HP Envy 6420e 

HP Envy 6455e

HP Envy Pro 6420 

HP Envy Pro 6422 

HP Envy Pro 6430 

HP Envy Pro 6432 

HP Envy Pro 6452 

HP Envy Pro 6455 

HP Envy Pro 6458 

HP Envy Pro 6464 

HP Envy Pro 6475

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HP 67 XL Black and Tri-Color Inkjet Printer Compatible Ink Cartridges

Uniplus HP67 compatible high-yield ink cartridge is the top choice for overseas distributors seeking a third-party solution for HP DeskJet 2700 and HP Envy 6022e ink cartridges. Featuring brand-new sponges and durable materials, this third-party ink cartridge ensures it works perfectly, has vibrant color, and has high capacity. Compatible with HP printer models in North America and the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China, India, and Indonesia), Uniplus ink cartridges meet user needs, whether for bulk printing or cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Uniplus services such as international shipping options, and customized packaging & labeling for OEM/ODM clients. Explore the reasons why overseas distributors trust Uniplus through the following information or request a quote via the contact form in "Contact Us".

Why buy replacement ink cartridges for HP 67 XL from Uniplus?

Best compatible ink cartridge supplier suitable for wholesale bulk purchases

100% New Sponge and High Capacity Ink Meeting Bulk Printing Demands

The primary role of the sponge inside the ink cartridge is to prevent ink from overflowing the printhead and leaking from the cartridge. By using high-quality, high-density sponges, the likelihood of ink leakage is minimized. Uniplus's 67 XL ink cartridge incorporates a larger capacity, new sponge, and high-capacity ink, maximizing print volume and reducing printing costs while maintaining the same external dimensions.

Customized Services for Bulk Ink Cartridge Orders

Uniplus specializes in ink cartridge manufacturing, serving OEM/ODM partners, including wholesalers and agents in global markets. Whether you're an online or offline distributor, feel free to request customized designs with your company logo on ink cartridge labels and packaging when inquiring. We are willing to offer white labeling and private labeling services to retailers/wholesalers/distributors with bulk purchases. Customized packaging aligned with your company's brand image will improve brand awareness on channels like Amazon, other e-commerce sites, and local markets. This approach contributes to building consumer trust and fostering brand loyalty.

Highest-Level Product Quality Policies

We adhere to testing each ink cartridge on the production line, ensuring rigorous quality control. Testing includes durable print heads' nozzles for stable ink ejected, compatible chips for normal ink monitoring, and preventing printer compatibility issues.

Expert-Proven Thermal Inkjet Printhead Ink Cartridges

There are many print technologies in the market. Our specialization lies in providing Thermal Inkjet Ink Cartridges, which are widely used in HP, Lexmark, Canon, and Samsung printers.

Thermal technology, also known as thermal bubble printing, employs heated chambers activated by current pulses, vaporizing ink to form bubbles that eject droplets with precision onto paper, ensuring sharp, clear prints, and vibrant colors.

(Reference from Wikipedia: Principles of Inkjet Printers)

The printer-ink cartridge relationship is classified as Integrated Print Heads (IPH) integrated printhead into the ink cartridge itself, and Individual Ink Cartridges (IIC) whose printers are equipped with the printhead and independent ink supplies. Uniplus focuses on advancing Integrated Print Heads inkjet technology, providing high-quality compatible ink cartridges that adhere to international standards and cater to global user needs, thereby strengthening our partners' trust in us.

Renowned International Ink Cartridge Specialist and Supplier Over the Years

Uniplus is a factory with expertise in thermal inkjet printing technology and standing in the printing field for over 22 years. Our product design, production, integration, and supply of high-quality products are recognized by customers worldwide. Our success is attributed not only to our efficient production supply chain but also to the service excellence demonstrated in partnerships with distributors, importers, and clients across diverse countries.

Given the varied needs of our clients, we are enthusiastic about offering pragmatic solutions. For instance, for customers prioritizing cost-effective transportation, our export department provides quotes from various logistics companies, offering a variety of transportation options for assessment. Additionally, our longstanding collaboration with cargo insurance providers ensures we secure the most competitive insurance rates, assisting our clients in substantial procurement cost reductions.

We warmly invite you to become the ink cartridge partner with Uniplus. Whether you're interested in being a distributor, or wholesaler, or seeking OEM/ODM collaboration, we look forward to engaging in detailed discussions to achieve your business expansion goals. Feel free to reach out to us now on the "Contact Us" page for exclusive pricing and customized service solutions.

Uniplus 67 Ink Cartridge FAQs

Q1: Is the Uniplus ink cartridge compatible with the Original HP printer?

The Uniplus 67 and Uniplus 67XL ink cartridges are designed to be compatible with the same printer models as the original HP67 ink cartridges. This includes popular printer models like the HP DeskJet 2710e and DeskJet 2720e printers. You can refer to the table above to confirm if your printer model is listed.

Q2 How many pages can be printed with this compatible HP67 ink cartridge?

Page yield serves as an estimate of the potential number of printed pages, typically measured by the "number of pages at 5% coverage." This industry standard assumes optimal conditions, including 5% coverage per page. However, real-world factors such as printer condition, paper type, and print mode can influence actual page yield. For ink cartridge wholesalers whose target audience is accustomed to regular printing or high-volume printing, Uniplus recommends wholesalers purchase our high-yield/ultra-high-yield ink models. These models are designed with larger ink chambers and contain more ink capacity compared to standard cartridges.

Q3 Does the HP printer support Uniplus 67XL ink cartridges?

If you print a lot and often with standard ink, and consider the high-capacity 67XL. Rest assured that Uniplus 67XL is fully compatible with HP printers. Uniplus high yield compatible cartridges can offer significant cost savings. Also, users can reduce the number of times to replace the ink. Uniplus 67 XL high volume ink cartridge is a more economical option for meeting cost-effectiveness purpose.

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